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Interpreting Tense in Supine Clauses

Publication: Analele Universității „Ovidius” din Constanța. Seria Filologie, XXVII (2), p. 217
In honorem Petre Gheorghe Bârlea. Omagiu domnului Profesor universitar doctor Petre Gheorghe Bârlea la 65 de ani
Număr coordonat de Mioara Codleanu și Florentina Nicolae
Publisher:Ovidius University Press
Abstract:The article below is based on a more extensive study devoted to the grammar of the verbal supine clauses (Cornilescu & Cosma, 2013) and it addresses a problem that had not been systematically investigated before, that of the temporal properties of verbal supine clauses, with special reference to supine clauses introduced by the prepositional complementizer DE. The paper makes two important claims: The first is that the supine clause does not contain a Tense projection, a claim supported by strong empirical evidence. The second claim is that the supine clause may show a particular temporal interpretation: futurity, in spite of the missing Tense projection. This interpretation is tied to the aspectual properties of the supine clause.
Key words:supine clause, functional structure, tense
Language: English

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