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The translation of some difficult terminological categories in the Homeric texts (Homer, Od., V, 63-75)

Publication: Diversité et identité culturelle en Europe, XIII (1), p. 225
Publisher:Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române
Abstract:Our notations start from the idea that the translation of the Homeric poems represents one of the toughest and most significant tests verifying the degree of maturity of literary modern language. The whole of the respective texts contains numerous semantic fields which are extremely difficult to render, in terms of the possibilities of coherent configuration, according to the criterion of a rigorous matching of the signified to the most appropriate lexical signifier. The internal difficulties of any language are largely increased by the attempt to equate terms from another language, even more so when the source language is Homeric Greek, an ideal idiom, attested exclusively in its poetic variant. We illustrated the truth of the matter elsewhere be analysing some names of plants and birds or names of weapons and household objects. In the following pages we are going to look at some names of water courses and deities.
Key words:Homeric text, translation, literary Romanian, hydronyms, theonyms
Language: English

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