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Romanian paremiology, thesaurus for multidisciplinary scientific research

Publication: Journal of Romanian Literary Studies, 4, p. 491-499
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:Paremiology was somehow the field of study largely assumed by linguists and ethnologists, but lately other fine arts sciences have focused on its history, psychology, sociology, and anthropology. The conceptual content of Romanian Proverbs covers every aspect of social life. All abstract concepts such as truth, goodness, faith, and practical concepts (seedtime and harvest, wedding, family, play, social relationships, politics) are represented in the content area of Romanian proverbs – and all can be studied in the context of Romanian paremiological sources. The purpose of this paper is to present a (apparently) new research framework that can be extremely fruitful and productive. Romanian Proverbs make up a treasure waiting to be explored. Romanian proverbs present the life of the Romanian people from many perspectives (family, society, inner experience, identity, values, moral profile) waiting to be (re)discovered, analyzed and undertaken.
Key words:paremiology, proverbs, Romanian proverbs, national identity, pluridisciplinarity, interdisciplinarity
Language: English

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