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Discours et langage journalistiques

Publication: Annals of „Valahia” University of Târgovişte. Letters Section, IX (1)
Publisher:Valahia University Press
Abstract:Analysing journalistic discourse means emphasising the open-ended nature of discussions on the subject. Within one language, linguists detect the existence of several specialised languages. Journalistic discourse is based, like all other specialised discourses, on the values specific to a special mode, as it addresses a large and extremely heterogeneous audience. This imposes on journalistic discourse characteristic features essentially materialised in a kind of «democratization» of information, of its dissemination among the public targeted. The language of the press uses a highly formal style and demands lexical clarity and neat syntax. On the other hand, journalistic discourse develops within it various other languages, related to different subjects and authors. Added to all this, the technological innovations in the domain brought about a veritable explosion of specialised publications, which further complicates the analysis.
Key words:journalistic discourse, the language of the press, communication, vocabulary, information, the journalist’s personality
Language: French

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43Daniela Rovența-FrumușaniSemiotica discursului științificEditura Științifică1995

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