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Positive expressive speech acts complimenting and self-complimenting in the novel „Ciocoii vechi și noi”

Publication: Diversité et identité culturelle en Europe, XII (2), p. 201
Publisher:Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române
Abstract:The present paper aims at analysing some specific aspects regarding the functioning of compliment and self-compliment – speech acts belonging to the category of positively perceived expressives – in a literary text, Nicolae Filimon’s novel “Ciocoii vechi şi noi”. The purpose of the paper is to highlight the role of these subtypes of speech acts in contouring a human typology characterized by a specific relational system. The following parameters are taken into account: the environment in which the speech acts are produced, the target addressees, the object of the speech acts (concrete or abstract, moral or physical features of the addressee) and the value (inherently positive or attributed by the speaker) of the elements that mark the illocutionary force as positive. In the novel under consideration, there is a dichotomy between the characters with high moral qualities and the parvenus – a social type definitory for the Phanariot times. Author’s intention is to emphasize the victory of good and healthy moral principles.
Key words:expressive speech acts, complimenting, self-complimenting, literary text, illocutionary force
Language: English

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