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Recurențe ale drumului în romanul Drumul la zid de Nicolae Breban

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XI-XII, p. 263-279
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The paper approaches the analysis of the textual functions of the mega-metaphor “drumul la zid” (the way to the wall) in N. Breban’s homonymous novel, from an integralist perspective. The author analyses the metaphoric dynamics according to the diaphoric, endophoric and epiphoric strategies and also its projection at the surface level of the text and the meaning created for each situation. The recurrences of the way inside the diaphorical create at the surface level of the text spatial representations such as the province, the empire or the human appearance which create, in their turn, metaphors like the double, the amphitryon or the earthen pot. The endophoric pathway configures itself from the inside, and the specific metaphor is the wall, which sets up contradictory metaphoric equivalences: oasis, mountain, purpose, obstacle, way. The epiphoric moment of the metaphoric dynamics is represented by the way as a narrative element that opens a specific chronotop for the epic dimension of the text. The model of the trans-significant metaphor is developed within the frames of the three above mentioned strategies. Within the diaphoric strategy there are two referential fields in opposition, and the epiphoric strategy solves the tension between the two (RF I of the ordinary, empirical world and the RF II of the “God” who left his creation), establishing a third referential field which creates an internal metaphorical dynamics that generates the metaphoric meaning.
Language: Romanian

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