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The food of the happy ones

Publication: Diversité et identité culturelle en Europe, XII (1), p. 183
Publisher:Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române
Abstract:The paper aims to demonstrate the way food can reflect peoples‘ beliefs and mentalities. We analyze the myth of paradise through the legendary image of the Blajini (the Gentle ones), an ascetic community which appears linked to the Easter celebration. We also bring into discussion the tale of Alexander the Great, the myth of Pays de Cocagne and some other Romanian and European writings which concern images of heaven and hell. Each food and each context of feeding presented indicate the different ways in which people understand happiness.
Key words:Food, folklore belief, celebration, mentality, the myth of paradise
Language: English

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6Ion H. CiubotaruMarea Trecere
Repere etnologice în ceremonialul funebru din Moldova
Editura „Grai şi Suflet − Cultura Naţională”1999

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