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Când, cum, unde în DA și DLR. Semantică și retorică

Publication: Dacoromania. Serie nouă, XVI (2), p. 138
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:The essay expands upon the way in which the editor of the Romanian Language Dictionary (DLR) made semantic definitions for the meanings of the interrogative adverb unde (where) in those co-texts the meanings of which are very remote from its main local meaning. In this respect, the essay emphasizes the suggestions rooted in the lexicographical conception of the first series of the Romanian Thesaurus Dictionary (DA), as well as the semantic definitions of the interrogative-relative adverb cum (how) or the archaic cândai (when).
Key words:
  • Dicţionarul limbii române, adverb, semantică, retorică
  • Roamanian Language Dictionary, adverb, Semantics, Rhetoric
Language: Romanian

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