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Mărci verbale şi nonverbale ale dezacordului în româna vorbită actuală

Publication: Analele Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza” din Iași. Secțiunea IIIe. Lingvistică, LII, Section Pragmatică și comunicare, p. 19-24
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:The article discusses several problems of the discourse Markers, namely the denial Markers in spoken Romanian. Discourse analysis is a vast and ambiguous field. The vastness and ambiguity of discourse analysis is suggested by the textbooks on different approaches to language, such as pragmatics, which define the field as the study of the general conditions of the communicative use of language.
Denial Markers are a type of pragmatic class. Denial Markers have certain privileges of occurrence, which must be specified.
Language: Romanian

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