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Terminologia românească meteorologică (ştiinţific vs popular) a fenomenelor atmosferice. Studiu lingvistic. Anul al III-lea (2011–2013). Realizări (partea I)

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, IX (2), p. 167-174
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:The project consists in the linguistic study of the Romanian meteorological terminology of the atmospheric phenomena, in both its scientific and dialectal aspects. This analysis is integrated in the realm of lexicological research focused on the lexico-semantic fields of the Romanian language. Considering the impressive range of the research subject, this study will be focused on the atmospheric phenomena in particular – the dominant group in the broader lexico-semantic fields of meteorology. Romanian linguists have already started to collaborate with experts in geography. Given the complexity of the research, we limit extensionally the study to the lexical group of the atmospheric phenomena, a group that is historically and functionally dominant in the lexical and semantic fields of meteorology. We eliminate: a) the terms referring to cosmologic elements (the Sun – Earth geometry), b) the language specialized in agro-meteorological forecasts, c) the terms pertaining to pollution forecasts, those of the ecologic analyses etc. By the special character of the meteorological terminology of the atmospheric phenomena, the scientific terminology will be analyzed in correlation with the dialectal terminology, a vast and ambitious philological fact, doubly distributed exegetically. The final form of the research will be presented in a volume divided in two parts: I) a linguistic study of the analyzed language from the points of view of: the diastratic composition, the lexical, grammatical etc. analysis of the scientific and the dialectal terminology, the study of the dominant paradigms from the lexical field etc.; II) a meteorological dictionary of the atmospheric phenomena (DFA) with over 1500 lexicographic units.
Key words:linguistic study, meteorological Romanian terminology, the atmospheric phenomena, scientific and dialectal aspects, lexico-semantical fields, Romanian language
Language: Romanian

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