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Repertorizarea tipologică a folclorului din răspunsurile la Chestionarele lui B.P. Hasdeu

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, IX (2), p. 41-50
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:In 1950, after 65 years from the great linguistic-mythological investigation of B.P. Hasdeu, in severe historical circumstances for the Folklore Archive of the Romanian Academy and for the individual destiny of its founder, Ion Muşlea, the typological indexing and the excerpting of the ethnographic-folkloric material was initiated, based on the answers obtained by the great scholar in the Framework of the Romanian Language Data Collection.
The authors of this paper undertake a historical and critical reevaluation of the research project of Ion Muşlea, from the period 1950-1956, lying at the foundation, in the Romanian ethnology, of the complex typological studies on our traditional culture and the creation of the information indexing and systematization system, from the other corpuses of folkloric manuscripts: Ion Pop-Reteganul (1889-1892), Nicolae Densusianu (1895), the Folklore Archive of the Romanian Academy (1930), the Archive of the Institute of Ethnography and Folklore (1949), the Archive of the Romanian Ethnographic Atlas (1966), the Folklore Archive of Moldavia and Bukovina (1968).
The authors present the results of the research undertaken by the group of ethnologists from Cluj, who continued the activities initiated by Ion Muşlea, and developed, based on that model: The Thesaurus Dictionary of Romanian Proverbs and the Typological Corpus of Romanian Riddles (Ion Taloş, Ion Cuceu and Virgiliu Florea), the Corpus of Animal Tales (Ion Cuceu, Maria Cuceu), the Romanian Agrarian Rituals (Ion Cuceu, Maria Cuceu) etc.
The authors launch the current research project, in which the group of Cluj embarks on indexing the answers to the questionnaires initiated by Ion Muşlea in the old Folklore Archive of the Romanian Academy.
Key words:B.P. Hasdeu, Ion Muşlea, The Folklore Archive of the Romanian Academy, typological indexing of folklore
Language: Romanian

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