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Glosario INMIGRA-TERM. Algunas consideraciones sobre la traducción al rumano de las unidades léxicas

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, VIII (2), p. 269-283
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:Our study is part of a series of research projects of the Inmigra2007-CM Network, respectively a Multidisciplinary linguistics study of the immigrant population from the Community of Madrid, subsidized by the Madrid Educational Inspectorate. More specifically, this is about the work of UEM-Translation Group, coordinated by Prof. Dr. Celia Rico, from European University of Madrid. The aim of this activity was to develop a multilingual glossary that should be available on the Internet. Our presentation exposes the conclusions of the translation work regarding the Romanian language and the problems encountered.
These latter ones are related to reporting at the code sources in order to match the word in context, and basically we confronted with three problems: differences between the realities of the two countries, translation differences of terms between sources and differences in the use of diacritics.
Volunteers, speakers of both languages, but without specific training, almost always make this type of translations. Therefore, we found several inaccuracies (of lexical, grammatical, spelling and punctuation or expression type), which demonstrate that the translations are not always made very carefully.
We encountered problems with the grammaticality of the texts that were to be selected as examples; therefore, we made several references to the expression and the use of language, pointing also the phenomenon of «rumañol» (that mixture between Romanian and Spanish that we have also presented on other occasions), this time in official texts.
In the conclusion section, we have shown the usefulness of such a dictionary, and we also pointed out the necessity of Spanish public institutions to choose more cautiously the translators, and to fill the existing gap in the information material presented in Romanian, and even to provide conditions, as far as possible, so that the above mentioned translators and interpreters can benefit of training and specialization.
Key words:UEM-Translation Group, multilingual glossary, translation words for the Rumanian, problematic sources, “rumañol”
Language: Spanish

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