“Diacronia” is an online, bilingual, open-access, peer-reviewed journal of diachronic linguistics. In addition to the submission of predominantly theoretical manuscripts, the Editorial Board specifically encourages the submission of applied research in the form of research and letter articles resulting from observations, experiments, and analyses concerning the synchronic and/or diachronic linguistic reality. Moreover, while stressing the importance and necessity of presenting, with an analytic approach, syntheses of recent works from the fields of interest of the Journal (as book reviews), the Editorial Board strongly advocates the creation of instruments that should offer ample perspectives on the diachronic evolution of various lines of research and thought, in the form of review articles.

Due to the urgent nature of their content, letters, book reviews, and review articles will be published as soon as they are accepted by the referees and the translated version is submitted. They will then formally be part of the next scheduled issue of the Journal.

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