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Distorsiuni ale comunicării în limba română legate de activitatea de traducere

Publication: Distorsionări în comunicarea lingvistică, literară și etnofolclorică românească și contextul european, Section Lingvistică, p. 229-236
Editors:Luminița Botoșineanu, Elena Dănilă, Cecilia Holban, Ofelia Ichim
Publisher:Editura Alfa
Abstract:[Communication’s distorsions in Romanian language, in relation with the translation]
It is the main aim of the present paper to present evidence corroborating the opinion that much of the neologizing lingo today’s Romanian press uses is, to some extent, the result of translation (or else, mistranslation) from sources written – or orally delivered – in English. When translation is seen as mere ‘transliteration’ of a text / message conveyed in a foreign language, messages naturally go awry; but when a whole domain of the target-language (i.e. the lexicon of contemporary Romanian) is affected by this trend, the influence thus recorded can be really critical. The channels which that influence has adopted in order to permeate the more recent Romanian vocabulary are no doubt various: literal translation, literal taking over, misadaptation, inept or infelicitous equivalents, loan translation / calque, etc. The authors did not choose a normative or (hyper)critical approach.
Language: Romanian

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