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O expresie regională rară: a-i coace în guşă (cuiva)

Publication: Studia in honorem magistri Vasile Frăţilă, p. 395-402
Editors:Maria Micle, Vasile Lațiu
Publisher:Editura Universităţii de Vest
Abstract:[A rare regional idiom: a-i coace în guşă (cuiva)]
Our paper aims to analyse the origin of a rare idiom, a-i coace în guşă (cuiva) ‘to hate somebody’ (literally: to grow mellow in the crop for somebody), by revealing the way in which it was made up as metaphor. At the same time, we also point out the importance of studying regional idioms, since they entreasure the mentality of the community where they were born and because some of them can help „decipher“ other idioms from language, whose dialectal variants they are.
Language: Romanian

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