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A comparative perspective on the French and Romanian prison environment as a socio-discursive community

Publication: The Proceedings of the International Conference Globalization, Intercultural Dialogue and National Identity. Section: Language and Discourse, 1, p. 711-721
Editors:Iulian Boldea
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:Studying prison environment arouses the interest of researchers in various fields (sociology, psychology, social psychology, anthropology) who set as their aim to understand the functioning of prison as a punitive space. Our research capitalizes on the society-related aspect of prison and takes into consideration the liberty-depriving environment as a space for linguistic and social expression of the person deprived of liberty. Taking as a subject for analysis a mono-/multilingual and mono-/multicultural community, represented by the French and Romanian prison environments, the study at hand seeks to provide a comparative perspective on the two detention environments aforementioned and to get an insight into the mechanisms leading the subject-speaker in custody to express his belonging to such community and the hierarchy with the help of the newly-acquired discourse.
Key words:prison environment, deviant discourse, mono-/multicultural, mono-/multilingual socio-discursive community, collective consciousness, mental representations
Language: French

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