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Observations regarding some disappeared oiconyms from the Timiș County of anthroponomical origin

Publication: The Proceedings of the International Conference Globalization, Intercultural Dialogue and National Identity. Section: Language and Discourse, 4, p. 294-302
Editors:Iulian Boldea, Cornel Sigmirean
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:As a multi-ethnic and multicultural space, Banat represents a generous region when it comes to investigating the Romanian lexis,from an etymological point of view. This can be found in the toponymic system as well. The paper focuses on the disappeared oiconyms from the Timișcounty which have an anthroponomical basis. The corpus constructed allows us to observe the rapport toponym-anthroponym from theoretical and etymological viewpoints. The topic names analysed are presented alphabetically while also referring to the mentions and the zones were they could be found.
Key words:Timiș, toponyms, oiconyms, etymology, anthroponomy
Language: Romanian

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