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Raportul dintre numele de botez calendaristice și cele laice în sistemul antroponimic actual din Dobrogea

Publication: Aspecte ale dinamicii limbii române actuale. Actele colocviului Catedrei de Limba Română, 27-28 noiembrie 2002, II, Section Lexic și terminologii; alte domenii
Editors:Gabriela Pană Dindelegan
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:[The relation between Christian and lay names in the present anthroponymic system in Dobrogea]
This article is a synchronic analysis of the relation between Christian and lay names registered in Dobrogea from 1996 to 1999.
The names are classified after the former models and there are mentioned the factors which have influence upon the anthroponymic system. The Christian names are less numerous but with a big derivative power, while the lay ones are more but with less anthroponymical variants and with a different territorial distribution.
There are alphabetical registered in a table the male and female names with the number of frequency in our country and in Dobrogea, the period of the first certify; there are also mentioned the names with a small frequency. The lay names are often combined with the Christian ones because of the double name tendency. Bolocan, Inventar, 388.
Language: Romanian

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