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Încercare statistică asupra ortografierii cu â şi î

Publication: Distorsionări în comunicarea lingvistică, literară și etnofolclorică românească și contextul european, Section Lingvistică, p. 219-227
Editors:Luminița Botoșineanu, Elena Dănilă, Cecilia Holban, Ofelia Ichim
Publisher:Editura Alfa
Abstract:[Statistical approach on writing with â and î]
The present paper’s aim is to substantiate the claim according to which the “new” spelling rules imposed by the 1993 spelling amendments, decided on by the non-linguist members of the Romanian Academy, lack scientific and pragmatic validity. The author used statistical methods, which served to prove that the much extolled etymological principle is flatly contradicted by the purely positional rules that are currently used in marking the Romanian sound [î], through both the letters â and î. The words making up the research corpora were extracted from DEX (The Explanatory Dictionary of Romanian), and today’s most widely circulated daily newspaper in Romania, Adevărul.
Language: Romanian

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