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Tipare distorsionate în formarea superlativului în limba română actuală

Publication: Distorsionări în comunicarea lingvistică, literară și etnofolclorică românească și contextul european, Section Lingvistică, p. 147-152
Editors:Luminița Botoșineanu, Elena Dănilă, Cecilia Holban, Ofelia Ichim
Publisher:Editura Alfa
Abstract:[Changed patterns in the forming of superlative in the present Romanian language]
If in the standard Romanian language, the structures that form the superlative are well defined, in the spoken language and the colloquial one there is a diversity of substitutes that express quality at its highest level. In the actual Romanian language, there is the tendency of forming the superlative using the prefix “super-”. As a matter a fact, the word “super-” looses its status of lexical prefix (as in the Latin super- and the French super-), behaving either as an adjective or as an adverb, according to the context. The frequency that characterizes this way of forming the superlative in the actual Romanian language supposes the analysis of the causes that determined the selection of the variants of the superlative formed with “super-”. The issue of the origin and expressivity of these forms of superlative is by no means devoid of importance.
Language: Romanian

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