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Metafora corabiei și elogiul personajelor biblice la Ioan Hrisostom

Publication: Flores philologiae – omagiu profesorului Eugen Munteanu, la împlinirea vârstei de 60 de ani, Section Studii, p. 277-284
Editors:Ana Catană-Spenchiu, Ioana Repciuc, Florin Faifer
Publisher:Editura Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:The ship, as a symbol of salvation, appears both in the Bible and in the secular Greek and Latin literature. In the Late Antiquity, Christian and pagan authors have taken over this symbol, giving it a larger significance. Like many other ecclesiastical Greek and Latin writers of the fourth century, John Chrysostom often used the ship metaphor in his sermons in order to reveal the truths of Christian religion in order to make them more accessible to his listeners and to turn them to a lifestyle closer to the Christian demands. In John Chrysostom’s writings, the ship works not only as a symbol of the Church, but it is also a symbol of the Christian moral virtues, of the soul, of the Universe, of biblical characters. In this study I intend to give a thoroughly analysis to last of them.
Key words:John Chrysostom, metaphor, ship, biblical characters
Language: Romanian

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