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Valoarea stilistică a regionalismului în „Cartea cuceririlor” de Cornel Ivanciuc

Publication: Lucrările celui de-al XII-lea Simpozion Național de Dialectologie, Baia-Mare, 5-7 mai 2006, Section Dialectologie și limbă literară, p. 411
Editors:Nicolae Saramandu
Publisher:Editura Mega
Abstract:[The stylistic value of the regionalism in the “Book of Conquests” by Cornel Ivanciuc]
The regionalisms in the literary text differs from the one in the language it represents; the writer is not a dialectologist. He operates – by means of artistic literature – a transposal of regionalisms. Thus, this linguistic category in the literary text makes topical a double function: a stylistic one and a poetic one, with the predomination of one of the two hypostasis. The regionality itself is not a stylistic mark, it only accomplishes such values depending on context. Should the regionalism be only a means of localization (thus indicating the writer’s or the character’s belonging to a certain idiom) it would give information (in a descriptive way) on the linguistically reflected object. Thus the forms which have an exclusive role of localization or those which derive from the position of the writer’s language must be taken into consideration as realizing no stylistic mark. This marginal function of the regionalism builds a dimension of the semantical universe of the literary creation only by contrast with the entirety of the text, underlying the difference between the two narrative plans: the one of the narrator and the one of the narration. If this opposition is not accomplished, the quality of the regionalism reduces itself to that of the writer’s linguistic features, the writer being the “bearer” of the literary language of the epoch.
Language: Romanian

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