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On dative clitics and obligatory dative clitic doubling in Romanian

Publication: Sintaxa ca mod de a fi. Omagiu Gabrielei Pană Dindelegan, la aniversare, p. 131
Editors:Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae, Camelia Stan, Rodica Zafiu
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:Focusing on the properties of Dative clitics and Dative clitic doubling, we argue that like the Datives of other Romance languages, Romanian (inflectional) Datives may be analysed either as PPs or as DPs. When they are structural PPs, cliticization is impossible, when they are DPs, cliticization is obligatory. In both cases Datives are arguments and are licensed in an applicative projection: Dative PPs cannot cliticize and remain vP-internal, while Dative DPs move out of the vP and must cliticize. It is also shown that all Datives are sensitive to the animacy hierarchy.
Key words:Dative clitics, clitic doubling, PP/DP contrast, animacy hierarchy
Language: English

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