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Formazioni deonimiche nel linguaggio delle scienze: il caso dei minerali deonimici in -ite

Publication: Magistri et alumni, amore scribendi. Studia. In Honorem Professoris Nicolae Felecan, Section Onomastică, p. 411-423
Editors:Oliviu Felecan, Daiana Felecan
Publisher:Editura Mega, Editura Argonaut
Abstract:[Deonymic formations in scientific language: The case of deonymic minerals in ‐ite]
In scientific language many suffixes have a conventional value and the lexical repertory of objects, animals, and varied beings develops into a series. An interesting case is the one of minerology and petrology, especially for those minerals and stones which, in their great majority, end in the -ite suffix. Mineral species whose names are derived from a proper name (name and surname of the discoverer, the person to whom it was dedicated, the mine, village, region or state where it was discovered etc.) are at least 4,000. Their main phonetic and syntactic characteristics and the modalities of the deonymic formation are exemplified in this paper.
Key words:crystallography, deonymics, eponyms, mineral names, mineralogy, petrology, scientific taxonomies
Language: Italian

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