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Tipuri de variante paremiologice în limba română

Publication: Perspective comparative și diacronice asupra limbii române, Section Lexic, semantică, terminologii, p. 231
Editors:Mihaela Viorica Constantinescu, Adina Dragomirescu, Alexandru Nicolae, Gabriela Stoica, Rodica Zafiu
Publisher:Editura Universității din București
Abstract:[Types of variants for proverbs in Romanian]
The paper deals with a type of linguistic variants illustrative for proverbs in Romanian. In the beginning, we distinguish between phrases and proverbs, on the one hand, and between variants in phraseology as a linguistic science and variants of proverbs, on the other hand. The greatest part of this paper deals with the research of several linguistic criteria (for example: the structure of proverbs, the chronological or the geographical criterion, the relation between variant and literary norm), which are very important in the classification of the variants for proverbs. We found for each type of variant many examples in people's
language, most of them included in dictionaries or in anthologies of proverbs.
Language: Romanian

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