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Perspective de abordare în terminografie: dicționarul plurilingv de termeni

Publication: Studii de filologie in honorem Ștefan Găitănaru, p. 128
Editors:Liliana Soare, Adrian Sămărescu, Adina Dumitru
Publisher:Editura Universității din Pitești
Abstract:The assertion we start from in our research is the diversity of theoretical perspectives in the ellaboration of multilingual terminological dictionaries, created as special dictionaries comprising the terms from various scientific fields. The use of these dictionaries is unquestionable, under conditions when the domains of various sciences expand their informational content and communication – intercultural/interlinguistic – is a reality. Terminological dictionaries may be explanatory or translated and they mainly have an informative character. The dynamics of research, and ellaboration of multilingual dictionaries, the methodological perspective in their creation, the linguistic expression of the dictionary terminology (categorial terms/co-signifier terms) are only a few of the derived objectives of the study. One of the conclusions of the research is that multilingual dictionaries use specialized syntagms/terms selected in unanimously accepted practice.
Key words:terminology, synchronic, dictionary, plurilinguistic
Language: Romanian

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