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Psycholinguistic and neurolinguistic approaches on communicational distorsions

Publication: The Proceedings of the International Conference Globalization, Intercultural Dialogue and National Identity. Section: Language and Discourse, 1, p. 95-109
Editors:Iulian Boldea
Publisher:Arhipelag XXI Press
Abstract:Language pathology is too little known and also little discussed in relation to the impact it has on the affected human subject. The distortions size of the language made by pathological causes, as the effect of neural diseases, is complex. It involves a deprivation of perception and personal suitability of external realities for the subject. A mutilated language is attracting the deformation of nearby reality, of thought and knowledge in general. “Reality” is built on the elocutional skills of speaking subject. Linguistic models are determinating what the subject predicts in his world and how he imagines that world. Because these models – observable on the syntactic and lexical means of the speaker - differ greatly, the ways of perceiving, thinking and reaction vary and are transfigured by the distortion. The imbalance of an element of the triad language - thinking - perception of reality will entail destabilization of each other. This finding implies another: the pathological aspect of distortions in communication is not a purely medical problem, of speech therapy, but it should be a paramount concern of philosophy in general, of language philosophy in particular, and especially of linguistics and psycholinguistics.
Key words:Distorsions of communication, speech pathology, linguistics, psycholinguistics, neurolinguistics
Language: Romanian

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