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Begin and start: aspect and complement choice

Publication: Bucharest Working Papers in Linguistics, X (1)
Publisher:Universitatea din București
Abstract:The paper offers a semantic analysis of begin and start and their non-finite complementation: the to-infinitive and –ing constructions. The core idea of the paper is that the aspectual constructions ‘begin+ to infinitive’, ‘begin + ing’, ‘start+ to infinitive’, and ‘start+ ing’ have both a schematic and a prototypical meaning, and that the subtle differences between them are motivated by several factors, like viewing (perfectivity vs. imperfectivity), temporality (future orientation vs. ongoing reading) dynamicity (graduality vs. abruptness), agentivity, etc.
Key words:begin, start, to infinitive, –ing complements, prototypical meaning, schematic meaning

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8Alexandra CornilescuComplementation in English
A Minimalist Approach
Editura Universității din București2003; 2012html

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