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„Nu există adevăr în afara Porților Edenului”: Imaginația biblică în textele lui Bob Dylan

Publication: Text şi discurs religios, II, Section Literatura și sacrul, p. 429-440
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:American musician Bob Dylan, author of a semi-centennial oeuvre, is currently deemed the most influential living cultural personality. Dylan, who is also the subject of numerous biographies, encyclopedias and academic lectures, has also occupied the centre of a debate concerning the evaluation criteria for his work: can his lyrics be considered poetry, with their arresting imagery, epithets and paradoxes of an amazing variety and an almost excentric depth? What is certain is that Dylan’s oeuvre inspires contradiction. Capable of evoking the whole biblical narrative in just a couple of words, and repeatedly comparing himself with Christ, the artisthas put forward a paradigm which allows himself to define his role as an artist or prophet in the tradition of popular American imagination. After introducing the notion of the producer of mass culture as artist (a similar example being Leonard Cohen), the paper sets out to analyse several biblical elements in Dylan’s lyrics, particularly those of Jokerman, with their multiple possible interpretations.
Language: Romanian

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