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Ars scribendi, ars moriendi

Publication: Text şi discurs religios, II, Section Literatura și sacrul, p. 397-408
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:The straightforward lines of Lovinescu’s critical system should be put to trial by confronting the dogmatism of his thinking with the severe pulsions of self conceitedness and vanity. Ars scribendi, ars moriendi presents Antonio Patras’ conception about the best regarded ”critical system” in Romanian culture. After delineating a few incongruities, the author of the present study argues that Lovinescu did not actually change in spite of his confession. The amount of work submitted to his interpreters directed them to a evolutive pattern of reading his books, whereas the real key of his conception is permanent stasis and stagnation.
Language: Romanian

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