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Insule de conservare a identităţii etnice. Istroromânii

Publication: Philologica Jassyensia, III (1), p. 159-167
Publisher:Institutul de Filologie Română „A. Philippide”
Abstract:The paper aims to present the results of a prospecting field research which has been focussed on gathering information (with ethnological value) about the Istro-Romanians communities still persisting in some Croatian localities (Jeiăn, Suşnieviţa). The field-research team was made up by Mihaela Nubert Cheţan, Cristina Gafu and Armand Guţă.
The main objectifs of the fundamental research project were the investigation of the musical folklore, the literary folklore and the real, genuine traditions as forms of preserving both the local identity and the ethnic peculiarities within the context of the present socio-cultural, political and economic dynamics.
The collecting work was concentrated especially on Jeiăn, a small village (130-140 inhabitants), situated in the north-western part of the Kvarner region, in the province called Ćićarija. There were identified a series of common, stable characteristic elements which differentiate the Jeiăn’s inhabitants from the rest of the population living in this province and which might constitute identity marks:
– the specific Jeiăn’s language (the Istro-Romanian dialect);
– the traditions connected to the religious (Catholic) calendar;
– the musical repertory, especially the traditional songs which are performed in Jeiăn’s dialect.
Language: Romanian

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