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Strategii subversive în configurarea polifonică a eseului poetic

Publication: Studia Universitatis Petru Maior. Philologia, 17, p. 32
Publisher:Universitatea Petru Maior
Place:Târgu Mureș
Abstract:In a textual analysis applied to some essays from Nichita Stanescu’s volume Fiziologia poeziei (The Physiology of Poetry), the author suggests the interpretation of the polyphonic phenomenon as a feature of Stanescu’s essay discourse. Through subversive strategies such as the multiplying, the halving, and the dissimulation of the enunciative instances, the fundamental ways in the production of the textual polyphony were highlighted. The importance of this approach lies in the configuration of the poetical consciousness, poses moving from self-consciousness to poetical consciousness, with two aspects: imaginary and perceptive.
Key words:communicative network and polyphonic configuration, enunciative instance, characters: essay self, reader, subversive strategies: multiplying, halving, and dissimulation
Language: Romanian

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29Elena DragoșIntroducere în pragmaticăCasa Cărții de Știință2000

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