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Apropo de prezentarea conceptului de alautemie în revista „Limba română” (Bucureşti)

Publication: Philologia, LII (1-2), p. 75
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:The author rejects Mrs. Dragomirescu’s idea of his concepts of confix and allautemism being unnecessary, allegedly because the notion of discontinued morpheme is already applied to Romanian. This notion can by no means replace the more concrete ideas of confix and allautemism, as well as of the common positional confixal-suffixal allomorphism sui generis specific to both genitive (as in a casei/ casei) and infinitive (as in a face/ face), as a global characteristic of Romanian. It is just this approach which makes it possible to simultaneously eliminate the old contradictory qualifications of the genitival a as an „article”(in fact completely indifferent towards the category of definiteness) and of the infinitival a as a „preposition” (in fact completely alien to any obliqueness).
Language: Romanian

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