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Frazeologismele: precizări teoretice şi aspecte pragmatice

Publication: Philologia, LIII (1-2), p. 125-133
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:Phraseology continues to be subject to extensive, and often contradictory discussions, requiring, in terms of language, some more clarification. Uncertainty and confusion in the field of phraseology is laid by a variety of names which are used to express units that build the subject matter of phraseology. As a reproductive unit of language a phraseological unit semantically presents a whole. Phraseological units are historic results of linguistic creativity. Recognized as ready-made constructions, the speaker does not create them on the occasion of speaking, but draws them form his mental lexicon. Language, however, tends to alter the standard form of phraseological units, and its intentions are different.
Key words:phraseological units, idiomatic expression, phrase, set syntactic group, structure of phraseological units, semantics of phraseological units, function features of phraseological units, deviant phraseological units
Language: Romanian

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42Florica DimitrescuLocuțiunile verbale în limba românăEditura Academiei1958

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