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Vocabulă tracică pe parcurs de milenii

Publication: Philologia, LIV (5-6), p. 98-106
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:The author examines the nature of usability of a Thracian (Indo-European) glosse over the millennia (with inherent grammatical and semantic evaluation) with the Illyrians, the Geto-Dacians, the Romanians, Bulgarians, Serbians, Russians. The author also indicates the presence of the same glosses vith Phoenicians and the Ugarits (non-Indo- European speakers), on the basis of research revealing a number of new scientific certainties.
Key words:academic, adjective, Albanian, antroponomastic, archaeological, archaic, argument, army, atrophy, Balkan, bibliography, Bulgarians, calendar, ceramic, cohabitation, community, concept, conclusion, configuration, conglomerate, connotation, Dacians, derivative, diameter, element, encyclopedia, energizing, English, epigraphic, equivalent, ethno-folk, ethnological, etymologic, extension, fantastic, genetic, geographic, Getes, Gheg (Albanian dialect), grammatical, graphemes, Greeks, hero, history, Illirians, incineration, Indo-European, inscription, interpretation, Istro-Romanians, italic, language, Latin, lexeme, linguistic, Lithuanians, logical, magnificent, martyr, memory, micro-research, millennium, myth, mythological, name, nation, native, nature, Nostratic, object, obligatory, obscure, onomastics, Paleolithic, Phoenicians, philological, postulate, prefixiod, pre-Romans, pre- Russians, Prusians, really, reflex, relief, religious, remembered, reminiscence, ritual, Romanians, Russians, sacred, semasiological, Semitic, Serbians, Slavic, specification, subject, substrate, suffix, suffixoid, stamp, Thracians, tradition, tribe, Ugarits, vocabulary, word
Language: Romanian

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