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Cauze extralingvistice ale motivaţiei apariţiei unităţilor polilexicale stabile în limba română. Consideraţii generale

Publication: Philologia, LIV (5-6), p. 91
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:On their appearance the stable polylexical units (SPU) originally nominative linguistic ones, motivated, should they denote certain concrete facts of the surrounding world or connotative linguistic units, i.e. they were motivated when the speaker expressed his attitude towards a concrete fact of that world. However, in the long run, with the evolution of language, some of the motivated SPU’s remained motivated both their components or only one of them preserving their sense. In the SPU copies of reality both motivational form and motivational sense can be easily identified. The prospective motivation in case of SPU is clear. Even somebody who does not know the signification of an SPU describing everyday life, can understand it, provided the motiveme is well determined, while the semantic of the components is also motivated. Other SPU’s originally motivated, become in the course of time demotivated, losing their motivating connection with the denoted phenomenon. First of all, those phraseologic units are meant which acquire their images gradually. As to their origin two great categories of SPU’s can be distinguished: 1. denominative units, comprising, locutions and phraseologisms denoting reality; 2. connotative units expressing the speaker’s attitude towards a concrete reality, these being phraseologisms.
Key words:stable polylexical unit, motivation, nominative linguistic unit, connotative linguistic unit
Language: Romanian

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