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Arealul onomastic Sângerei. Numele de familie: originea, structura derivaţională, semnificaţia (III)

Publication: Philologia, LV (3-4), p. 76
Publisher:Academia de Științe a Moldovei
Abstract:This paper is the third (and the last) alphabetic part (O – Z) of the anthroponymic repertoire. The previous parts were published in no. 3-4 and no. 5-6 issues of Philologia in 2012. In this part there was also kept the same way of lexicographic presentation of onimic material. There should be mentioned the new information and explanations given to some etymologically controversial family names. In the process of etymologic and structural-derivational analysis of names there were used different documentary and information sources, studies, dictionaries, etymological dictionaries, historic documents (see Bibliography at the end).
Key words:anthroponym, anthroponymy, onimic diminutive formation, hypocoristic, derivational model, name, onomastic, first name, surname, toponym, toponymy
Language: Romanian

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133Alexandru GraurNume de persoaneEditura Științifică1965

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