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Proper Nouns and Their Abbreviation in Some Latin Epigraphic Texts

Publication: Language and Literature – European Landmarks of Identity, 11, p. 411
Publisher:Universitatea din Pitești
Abstract:The Latin epigraphic language is special mainly by the use of abbreviations. Proper nouns are often abbreviated, whether it is about anthroponyms, or the names of some places and their inhabitants, military units, families, provinces, countries, all of them commonly being abbreviated, either totally or partly. The names of persons or tribes (certain Latin inscriptions also contain the name of the tribe of the main character to whom the inscription is usually dedicated) are proper nouns which are almost invariably abbreviated. There is even an abbreviation rule for tria nomina: the praenomen is always abbreviated, sometimes the nomen gentile as well, whereas the cognomen is hardly ever abbreviated. A special case refers to imperial titles which are often subject to abbreviation as far as their components are concerned. The Latin proper nouns in the epigraphic texts are the best examples for the abbreviation process proving once again the pragmatism of the language of the Eternal City.
Key words:proper nouns, abbreviation, Latin, epigraphy, rule
Language: English

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