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Acordul demonstrativelor cu sintagmele coordinate

Publication: Limba română, LVIII (2), Section Gramatică, p. 183-191
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In Romanian, the demonstrative can occur before the noun (being a determiner) or after the noun (when it is analysed as a modifier). I analyse the patterns of agreement when the controler of agreement is represented by coordinated nouns. This difference in word order and syntactic status of the demonstrative triggers different patterns of agreement: as a determiner, the demonstrative requires both nouns to be plural (unlike in English, where examples like this boy and girl are possible). With the postnominal demonstrative, we do not find this restriction regarding the numer of the conjuncts. When the conjuncts have different genders, resolution rules apply. However, many exemples with conflicting genders are not very acceptable. I explain the different patterns of agreement using the concepts of CONCORD and INDEX. The determiner demonstrative (prenominal) agrees according to the CONCORD of the controller, and requires both conjuncts to be plural. The postnominal determiner agrees according to the INDEX of the conjuncts (and this is an argument in favor of the hypothesis that the postnominal demonstrative is actually a pronoun, not an adjective).
Key words:
  • acord, coordonare, demonstrativ, determinant, modificator, gen
  • agreement, coordination, demonstrative, determiner, modifier, gender
Language: Romanian

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