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Principele Dimitrie Cantemir – primul teoretician al scrierii româneşti

Publication: Limba română, LIX (4), p. 525
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:Reigning in Moldavia (1711), prince Demetrius Cantemir, the author of Descriptio Moldaviae (Latin manuscript – ~1716, German version – 1769), was the first scholar who described the traditional Romanian Cyrillic alphabet scientifically, explaining when and why it was introduced in Moldavia. Cantemir’s criticism of the „barbarian” old Moldavian Cyrillic alphabet had an overhelming influence during the 18th and 19th centuries, thus entailing the long transition from the Slavonic characters to the modern Latin alphabet used in Romanian writing.
Key words:
  • scrierea româno-chirilică, istoria scrisului românesc, tranziţia alfabetică
  • Old Cyrillic writing in Romanian, the history of the Romanian writing, alphabetic transition
Language: Romanian

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