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« Savez-vous planter les choux à la mode de chez nous... » Louis Paul Boon, un flamand a la française

Publication: Atelier de traduction, 11, p. 39-52
Publisher:Editura Universităţii din Suceava
Abstract:This article presents the first results after one year of investigation into the functioning of Flemish cultural specificity in the French translations of Flemish novelist Louis Paul Boon. Being confronted with the existence of multiple models (e.g. Leppihalme (1997 & 2001), Albir & Molina (2001), Pedersen (2007) for the description of culture specific items (Aixelá, 1996) in literary translations, we decided to develop preliminary testings without any predefined categories, based on the hypothesis that usage and functioning of cultural specificity in the target text and culture can be traced through the analysis of translation variables. These first results allow both to take a critical look at existing models and theories of cultural specificity and to learn more about the integration and functioning of Boon’s cultural specificity into the French cultural sphere.
Key words:Flemish, French, Louis Paul Boon, cultural specificity, translation
Language: French

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