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Calcuri semantice sau împrumuturi lexicale în limba română din Basarabia?

Publication: Limba română, LXII (4), Section Lexicografie, p. 460-469
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:In colloquial Romanian spoken in Bessarabia, there are a series of lexemes with the same phonetics as in Russian, also to be found in Romanian, but with different semantic values. At first sight, due to the formal coincidence between such Romanian words spoken on the left side of the Prut river and Russian words, they seem to be lexical loans. When analysed in further detail, we notice that these language occurrences represent true semantic calques. This approach results from the identification within this phenomenon of the two essential conditions that make a semantic calque, namely the polysemantism of the Russian lexeme (which is imitated) and the overlapping of at least one meaning in the two languages in interaction.
Key words:
  • interacţiune între limbi, calc semantic, împrumut lexical, procedeu lingvistic nerecomandat
  • languages in interaction, semantic calque, lexical loan, non-recommended linguistic procedure
Language: Romanian

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