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‘Do You Know So and So’: Two Types of Yes/No Interrogatives in Police Interrogations

Publication: Revue roumaine de linguistique, LIX (1), p. 43-61
Publisher:Editura Academiei
Abstract:This paper studies two interactional practices carried out by two forms of Serbo-Croatian yes/no interrogatives in the context of police interrogations. These are yes/no interrogatives which contain the verb to know and have the form of ‘do you know X’. The paper sets off from the default yes/no interrogative made by means of a particle li, and then focuses on two variants of the default interrogative: (a) the one from which the li particle is omitted (non-li interrogative), and (b) the non-li interrogative form to which a personal pronoun ‘you’ is added (non-li+ti interrogative). There is some indication that the grammatical forms studied in this paper are utilised as vehicles for different social actions: while the first form functions as a request for confirmation, the second one functions as a preliminary. The interactional and epistemic implications of each of the two interrogatives are studied.
Key words:Conversation Analysis, police interviews, yes/no interrogatives, epistemics, particle li
Language: English

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