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Connotations du religieux dans la littérature laïque - le modèle de l’oeuvre de Georges Bernanos

Publication: Text şi discurs religios, I, Section Retorica discursului religios, p. 447-457
Publisher:Editura Universităţii „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”
Abstract:The work of Bernanos outlines the religious values in a complex way. First, it is about the presence of Christ’s model on a level which one could name actantiel in the sense that it induces a transforming action in the inner life of the self. At this level, the presence of Christ equally concerns the life of the Christian Bernanos and of the writer who constructs the narrative world. Second, there is also the scriptural level, closely related to the first one, because to write is a particular way to act. This level includes two distinctive aspects: the spiritual vision of Bernanos about working with words and the inherent spirituality of the bernanosian work that evolve from the Verb and, while remaining a human endeavor, it rises in the proximity of the Scripture. These two levels constitute the biographical core of the Bernanos’s fiction that could also be read as a spiritual biography.
Language: French

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