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Stanisław Sarnicki, Annales - a cantemirian bibliographical source

Publication: Diversité et identité culturelle en Europe, VII (2), p. 90
Publisher:Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române
Abstract:In writing his historical works, Dimitrie Cantemir used an impressive number of bibliographical sources, most of them written in Latin and Greek. One of the most important sources used in Historia Moldo-Vlachica and its Romanian version Hronicul vechimei a Romano-Moldo-Vlahilor is represented by Annales sive de origine et rebus gestis Polonorum et Lithuanorum libri octo by the Polish historian Stanisław Sarnicki. Cantemir critically takes over the information, which he disputes most often using bibliography-based reasons. The quotation or the paraphrase is interrupted by Cantemir’s personal observations, which have more passion and, at times, subjectivism in the Romanian work.
Key words:Translation, quotation, paraphrase, Romans, Wallachians
Language: English

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