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Analysis of the use of English set phrases and their Albanian equivalents

Publication: Diversité et identité culturelle en Europe, XI (2), p. 139
Publisher:Editura Muzeul Literaturii Române
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to analyze the use of different types of set phrases (idiomatic or non-idiomatic) in English and Albanian. The paper is divided into two main parts; one reveals some theoretical background information about set phrases in both languages, and the other is more analytical by trying to collect concrete examples. It is based on the novel The Fifth Child (2001) by Doris Lessing and its Albanian variant Fëmija i pestë (2007) translated by Etleva Pushi. The main strategy for translating set phrases from English into Albanian is that of paraphrase. The others include idiom to idiom translation (similar in meaning and form or similar in meaning, but dissimilar in form) and omission. This is the best way to contrast these units and discover similarities and differences that exist among them.
Key words:Set phrases, English, Albanian, translation, contrast
Language: English

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34Eugene A. Nida, Charles N. TaberThe Theory and Practice of TranslationE.J. Brill1969

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