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Linguistic Calk-like Loans in the E.U.’s Legislative Terminology

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, V (1-2), p. 272
Publisher:Editura Sitech
  • The liguistic study of EU’s juridical vocabulary does point out the use made of lexical and phraseological calk-like loans from French and English, as well as their lexical structure. The juridical terminology issued from calk-like loans fits judiciously within the sphere of the European juridical terminology. This paper presents some remarks concerning their composing elements, their senses, remarks on how acronyms are codified, on the relationship that calk-like loans with the usual language.
  • L’étude de la législation de l’Union Européenne met en valeur les calques lexicaux et phraséologiques du français et de l’anglais, la structure des unités lexicales, et permet des observations liées aux éléments composants, à leurs sens, à la codification des sigles, à la langue officielle par rapport à l’usage. Ainsi, la terminologie de la législation qui est le résultat des calques s’inscrit-elle dans la sphère de la terminologie juridique européenne.
Key words:
  • terminology, legislation, European, phraseological calk-like loan, lexical calk-like loan
  • terminologie, législation, européen, calque phraséologique, calque lexical
Language: French

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61Adriana Stoichițoiu-IchimAspecte ale influenței engleze în româna actualăEditura Universității din București2006

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