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A Fashionable Suffix: the Gender Suffix –ă

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, I (1-2), p. 314
Publisher:Editura Sitech
Abstract:The vocabulary of the contemporary Romanian language is characterized by dynamism and creativity, its richness and variety being the result of our people’s material and spiritual development. One of the domains characterized by this development is that of professions and specializations. Some of these denominations use internal means of formation, namely suffixal derivation. In order to distinguish between masculine and feminine, the Romanian language, more than other Romanic languages, develops gender suffixes, among others in the case of names of functions and professions. However, we cannot generalize, because the literary language avoids the feminine obtained using such suffixes, preferring the masculine for the respective profession preceded by the determiner doamna/madam (doamna ministru, doamna decan, doamna doctor rather than the forms with suffixes ministreasă, decăniță, doctoriță). In exchange, the colloquial style and the publicistic style prefer the forms with suffixes: agentă, bărmăniță, designeră, hairstilistă, manageră, etc. Among the gender suffixes, the most productive in contemporary Romanian is -ă, followed to a lesser extent by -iță and -easă. The present monograph tries to highlight: 1. the usage tendencies in the delimitation of gender opposition, and 2. the productivity of the gender suffix -ă in contemporary Romanian. The material we inventoried for this purpose consists in a few recent dictionaries and the written and oral press.
Key words:dynamics, gender derivation, professions, positions, careers
Language: English

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