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The Semantic Classification of Hydronyms in Banat

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, I (1-2), p. 62
Publisher:Editura Sitech
Abstract:Almost all names of places (therefore of bodies of water) originate in simple appellatives, even if today some of them have no connection with the place they name. Hydronyms which express a characteristic of the soil, of the landscape can be divided in two groups: those referring to the proper river bed, the banks and those referring to the nearby soil. Some hydronyms remind of names of animals (savage or tamed). Within the names of the hydronyms in a certain area it is used the vegetation (derived from appellatives which aim at wild plants or the ones cultivated by people).
People have named places by means of anthroponyms, probably also because of the geo-morphological bareness of the territory. One can distinguish several categories of hydronyms derived from anthroponyms.
Key words:hydronyms, appellatives, anthroponyms, flora, fauna
Language: English

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