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A Few Remarks on the Forest Terminology in Romanian

Publication: Studii și cercetări de onomastică și lexicologie, I (1-2), p. 35
Publisher:Editura Sitech
Abstract:In this article we discuss several important elements related to the forest terminology in Romanian. Firstly, there is stated the Latin origin of most tree names and of the generic terms designating a forest. Then, we introduce several classifications of this exceptionally rich linguistic material: wooded areas (in general), treeless spaces in the forest, trees and forests dominated by certain tree types; forests large and small, old and young, thick and sparse; treeless spaces in the forests – natural or done by human intervention (either by burning the trees or by cutting them down). We underline the richness and variety of the lexical families formed by derivation. We also mention local lexical variants. The more significant terms are associated with numerous related toponyms and anthroponyms which demonstrates the oldness and importance of this popular terminology in the Romanian language.
Key words:forest, tree, terminology, word, Latin (language)
Language: English

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